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The secret to PSR’s success

After being involved in and witnessing many ACCA student consultations at Phoenix Financial Training, a question on the minds of many prospective ACCA students is “What are the job opportunities whilst studying ACCA and how can I build my practical experience requirement.”

In a competitive market and with limited experience this can be a daunting task for our new students starting their ACCA journey. Launched in 2018, Phoenix Skills and Recruitment (PSR) have been able to identify and address the employment needs and soft skill development requirements of our students through a vast database of corporate contacts.

12 months since launch, PSR have placed over 70 students in a wide variety of roles from junior internship opportunities to established full time career roles in over 30 businesses including ‘big 4’ and middle tier firms together with leading players in the service and manufacturing sectors.

Employers place high value on PSR and Phoenix students, so much so that many companies return to PSR on multiple occasions with a variety of new opportunities.

The secret to PSR’s success is the wide range of opportunities that are available. It is key for our students to understand that ACCA is a diverse qualification that can open a world of opportunities in a multitude of business environments.

At Phoenix Financial Training, all registered students are enlisted with PSR should they wish to look for employment opportunities. Whilst PSR match suitable candidates with positions available, they help to build students CV’s, interview skills and confidence. 

Our door is always open should you wish to visit and discuss ACCA and PSR at our head office in the Gate Village, DIFC. Please come and say hello if you would like to find out more.

James Winder

Phoenix Financial Training

Operations Manager